Help with a project.

[b]Ok so this is our assignment for college. I have no idea what this guy is asking us to do. Anyone can explain this to me in less complex english ?Don't give me the answer, just explain if you can what i need to do, and possibly how to do it.

Here's the task : [/b]

To demonstrate the e?ect of changing the value of N, synthesize a cosine
with 30 samples at 10 samples per period.
n = [0:29];
x = cos(2*pi*n/10);
De?ne 3 di?erent values for N, e.g. 64, 128 and 256. Then take the
transform of x[n] for each of the 3 values that were de?ned. Use the abs
function to ?nd the magnitude of the transform, as we are not concerned
with distinguishing between real and imaginary components. Normalize the
scale so that it extends from 0 to 1 - 1/N, then plot each of the transforms
one above the other. Explain how these plots di?er from one another and
What happens if N is the same as the number of samples in x[n]? To
?nd out, set N = 30. What does the resulting plot look like?
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