VB6 - Update

Hello everyone, I am new here in Programmers Heaven and also I am new in Visual Basic. I just want to ask about on how to update a record(s) or updating an existing records. The reason why I want to learn the VB it's because I want to help our school in keeping the records of all the payments of the students. The systems that I want to develop is that it can update the record of all the students who paid their tuition before the exam. Like for example, the overall tuition of a student is P12,000 then if the student(s) wants to pay P3,000 the tuition will be deducted so current balance now will be P9,000. The next time again the student will pay, the current balance will be deducted. So my problem now is that i don't know how to update the records every time the student will pay their tuition(s). PLEASE, help me how to start this step-by-step so thank you in advance for your help and i really appreciate it. GOD BLESS everyone!!!
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