a coding project for ebook reading

I am working on a project to enhance the ebook reading experience. It takes the most basic of necessities, reading, and applies a very unconventional approach in attempting to extract the vital elements of the situation -- primarily through automated graphic story telling. It follows by attempting to correct pre-existing eye fixations with an automated color changing eye based reading ruler. Finally it uses the Microsoft text to speech library to enhance your reading experience with audio. The effect is a quite instinctual fast paced reading experience.
(It also loops through a sequence of 30, one second mp3s in a random order to give a unique music experience every time you read.)

So far I have included a story telling database that contains over 700 images, although I plan to max the count out at roughly 10,000 images when I have more time to update the database. If you'd like you can pick your own images, and email your database to me for future use. I could use the help. :)/>

If you have any questions about the coding principles necessary to create this type of environment I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge in terms of the object oriented programming paradigm, multi-threading and external library usage -- with that said, I know only so much as a young programmer, but it is my intention to help you improve if you are a beginner.

This is a youtube video that demonstrates the current pre beta functionality of the application:

And here is a link to a zip containing the application and image database if you'd like to try reading with it:

Please run the exe: "Flash Ebook Reader pre beta.exe" directly from the folder extracted from the zip, as I haven't built an installer yet (the installer included is there only to update your Microsoft prerequisites, if you need to use it, exit Flash Ebook Reader after installing and run "Flash Ebook Reader pre beta.exe" directly from the zip extracted folder)
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