Quick matlab question regarding if statements/for loops

I need to write a code for if x>a then calculate (x-a)^n, if x<=a output 0. I figure my initial issues were that since x can be scalar OR VECTOR then i had to adapt the code for that. I am having issues picking each element from vector x.

My code so far
function y=sfun(x,a,n)
x=input('enter "x" as a vector [a b] or variable: ');
n=input('enter "n" parameter: ');
a=input('enter "a" parameter: ');
for z=x(1:k)
if z>a

I get 27. Which is just the correct answer for 5. When x=0 it should be giving me 0 obviously which it is not.

Added attachment of the piecewise function I am trying to make.


  • I would be happy if anyone knows how to call each cell from a vector of any size that has been input by the user. That is the real issue i am having it seems. so if user inputs for x=[1 2 3 4 5] i want to know how i can take each number and compare it to a=2.

    so if x(1)>a do a function otherwise 0.
    then if x(2)>a do function otherwise 0.
    and keep doing that until the end of the users vector. this part i figured out i believe i can just say k=length(x). x being vector input by user.
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