Need help with a MATLAB assignment

I need to write a script that will process a log file and extract certain values. They are dealys. The script will then calculate the min max and average of the values. I have no idea how to determine what value the script needs to take out.

Here is one of the files we need to process

Release 13.1 Trace (nt64)
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.

t64unwrapped rce.exe -intstyle ise -v 3 -s 10
-n 3 -fastpaths -xml alu4.twx alu4.ncd -o alu4.twr alu4.pcf

Design file: alu4.ncd
Physical constraint file: alu4.pcf
Device,package,speed: xc4vlx15,sf363,-10 (PRODUCTION 1.70 2011-02-03, STEPPING level 1)
Report level: verbose report

Environment Variable Effect
-------------------- ------
NONE No environment variables were set

INFO:Timing:2698 - No timing constraints found, doing default enumeration.
INFO:Timing:2752 - To get complete path coverage, use the unconstrained paths
option. All paths that are not constrained will be reported in the
unconstrained paths section(s) of the report.
INFO:Timing:3339 - The clock-to-out numbers in this timing report are based on
a 50 Ohm transmission line loading model. For the details of this model,
and for more information on accounting for different loading conditions,
please see the device datasheet.

Data Sheet report:
All values displayed in nanoseconds (ns)

Pad to Pad
Source Pad |Destination Pad| Delay |
i_0 |o_0 | 9.824|
i_0 |o_2 | 10.269|

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