Need to test new patch for freebsd


I saw a report that covers FreeBSD-related projects between October and December 2010 and I observe that it have new patch for Ethernet Switch Framework, I have also seen a little bit inside the code of patch(

I downloaded fresh code of FreeBSD v9 and apply command [b]git apply switch-1.diff[/b] but it shows me these errors:

switch.diff:397: trailing whitespace.
printf(" phy %d ", ifmr.ifm_phy);
switch.diff:445: trailing whitespace.
printb("options", ifswr.ifsw_flags, IFSWBITS);
switch.diff:486: trailing whitespace.
printf(" vlans: ");
switch.diff:869: trailing whitespace.
switch.diff:1826: trailing whitespace.
warning: sbin/ifconfig/Makefile has type 100755, expected 100644
error: patch failed: sbin/ifconfig/Makefile:23
error: sbin/ifconfig/Makefile: patch does not apply
error: patch failed: sys/mips/atheros/ar71xx_machdep.c:144
error: sys/mips/atheros/ar71xx_machdep.c: patch does not apply
error: patch failed: sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c:565
error: sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c: patch does not apply
I am very interested to test this patch, can anyone help me out to do this...

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