Rablo Games looking for a programmer

EDIT : The place is taken. Thanks to those who have applied.


Rablo Games is currently working on a video game for PC called Lost Spirits of Kael, and need a talented programmer to help realize it.

[b][u]About the project :[/u][/b]

Lost Spirits of Kael is an independant 2D action-RPG videogame with emphasis put on ambiance. Lost in a mysterious misty forest, you'll have to find your way back home.
Graphics will be stylized to be looking like painted sketches, so ambiance and colors will prevail over details. I want the game to have an "artistic" feel, as well in graphics, than music (solo piano, harp, other small ensembles mixed with synthesizers) and scenario.

The game tells the story of a painter that has lost inspiration for many month, and decide to go looking for it in the old Forest of Kael, despite the numerous strange legends speaking about this place. While wandering, he hears the sound of an harp, and decide to figure out who's playing. He then meets a mysterious and beautiful harpist. When she finishes playing, the forest becomes shrouded in fog while mysterious ghosts and creatures have appeared. The painter will have to find his way through the forest, and discover what really happened.

The game will feature very few dialogues and probably no cut scenes at all. The player will discover the story through gameplay. Note that I want the game to be hard.
If I should name 2 games that inspired Lost Spirits of Kael, I'd say Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus.

Lost Spirits of Kael is under development since around 4 months, meanning a lot of work has already been done.
The main character animations are 70% finished (around 330 single artworks have been created for him). The backgrounds still need some work as about 40 screens have been drawn.
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