This will be hard to solve, problem with randomness

hello, im thinking on this for a while, and cant figure out anything or find usefull information about it, im not a java programmer, thats why i came to the forum, will be really good to see what more experienced people will know about this, i have a software that is coded in java, witch i dont have acess to the code, it is really simple, it shows a random number out of a list of 9, some numbers are more rare than others to show up, and based on the fact that computer "random" numbers are pseudo-random, i need to find a way to predict what will be the next number, based on the previous results(the only thing i found out so far is that the previous results have something to do with the next one). without acess to the code, only seeing the results, is that even possible? thats what i need to know, and if it is, what i need to do to solve this?

sorry for my english :/
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