Saturn Entertainment looking for partner

Hello all!

Saturn Entertainment is looking for a partner for a project called Day Zero.
Project Day Zero is a new way to play sandbox games. What would you do if you wake up tomorrow and walked out your front door only to find abandoned streets and a deserted city?

As you explore the city you need to gather food and water for survival. Medical supplies to treat wounds. Find a safe place to sleep. Find weapons to defend your self.

The more you explore the city and adventure in to the dark the more you'll find out what happened.

The project is long term and requires you to have time to work with it.

We are looking for a programmer:
We are searching for the person who has the time and the skills to work on a such project. You need to have good knowledge with C# and knowledge with Unity. Is this person you? If so then you can email your resume with a short text about you to

We are also looking for an art artist:
We are searching for a person with good art skills. Person who have experience with game art and can create illustrative game art for our project. If you think you have the skills you can email your resume with a short text about you to

If you have any questions, you can email me at or contact me on skype: eirsik

Check out the newly created dev log for the project:

Hope to hear from you!
Erik Sikveland
Saturn Ent.
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