Design of a logging system : which filesystem to use ?

Hello everyone,

I am designing an embedded system whom goal is to log sensors state continuously and that can be powered off at any time.

For specific reasons, I have currently to use Windows XP, and a Compact Flash storage media. Firsts prototypes use this configuration :
* 1rst partition readonly for the system (NTFS),
* 2nd partition for data logging (NTFS).
First tests are not so bad, but I am not fully satisfied of this solution (time to time filesystem or Compact flash is dead).

Do you have advices about a way to improve the solution that I am validating ? Which filesystem to use for a flash storage media ?
Which solution would you use (HW is x86) if Windows XP and a compact flash were not a constraint (which storage media, which filesystem, which os configuration, etc.) ?

Thank you for your advices

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