HELP: how to load satellite DLL for a DLL

I have a Visual C++ workspace that has 2 projects (1 exe & 1 DLL).

I used Serge Wautier's tutorial ( ) to create (multi-language) resource DLLs (satellite DLLs) branching off the exe.

Now I have a collection of strings in the DLL that are shared in other projects. I created a satellite DLL for that DLL but can't figure out how to load it on-demand just like the exe's satellite DLL.

He used:
HINSTANCE hDll = LoadLibrary(szFilename);

void CLanguageSupport::UnloadResourceDll()
if (m_hDll!=NULL)
SetResourceHandle(AfxGetApp()->m_hInstance); // Restores the EXE as the resource container.
m_hDll= NULL;

etc etc for the unloading/loading satellite DLLs for the exe.
but how to do the same for the DLL?

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