Help me please!!!!!

My name is Mark. I started a company called TechZilla Inc.
I am looking for anyone who can do C++, HTML, PHP, HTML 5, C#, Assembly, BASIC, MySQL, and any other Programming Languages.
As well as that, i'm looking for anyone who knows how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, anyone who can animate, model.
I am looking for programmers as I will be making real Anti-Virus's so that will come in C++ and C#, and I need assembly programmers because I will be making a Operating System called ThunderBird OS. A PC version, a phone version, AND a tablet version.

If you know how to do anything above, and of course make trailers, music (Any instruments), make Terms and Conditions for software, copyright etc reply here as we would love you to join/help our company.
Many Thanks,
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