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Hey Guys,

Over the years I've grown tired of playing games and it's always been a dream of mine to make my own game to sell to the general public hence the reason I've slowly started to learn a lot about game development. I still play a little bit here and there but usually to relieve stress. I find it more motivational to work with someone or a few people since this is even more motivating so I am hoping to put together a small team to get this project going and off the ground.

So I've got two projects in mind so far but my first one that I want to do because I think it will be a little simpler for me to start is an fps-war game since my second project will hopefully eventually be an rpg/mmo after I get alot of experience.

Anyhow so far I've started using mudbox and unity and you can see some of the images of one of my first models i've created here - [link=][/link] . I've almost got it to the point that i'm ready to paint it but i'll have to figure out more about that then rigging. I've also done some previous level designing in Unity 3d (if you go further back in my website news you'll see some images for it) so this is the engine I'm most likely going with since I feel it will meet the game's needs the best.

First Project is dubbed " FrontWar " for now.

Basically I can do some of the 3d models but then I gotta figure out more like the game programming itself to get things going but I could use some help with anything if anyone is interested. The game is gonna be an fps-strat-rts combo in real-time. Unfortunately I won't be able to pay right now so this will be strictly volunteer for the time being but I do have plans to launch it on kickstarter once I get more of it together to help raise funds so once I have some funds going for it you'll definitely be paid and accredited for your work. I also welcome newbie developers into this who are looking to make a name for themselves since I am pretty much in this boat already.

If you're interested in helping me let me know. You can view the full details of kinda what i'm aiming for in the project here on my website - [link=][/link] . It's kind of a big list but I'm aiming for something to make the game worth while to players though it may take me a good long while to get to that point I feel that the payoff with be well worth it once it's done.

Lastly, I don't know everything so in the leastbit I would also appreciate any advice and help with tutorials at the least if anyone has any further information so that I can get this going more to learn more to make this game happen. Thanks!
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