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Greetings. I have a program and the overlay (a unit) it uses in the same directory and it runs fine as long as the overlay stays there with the program. If I join them in DOS with
"copy/b myprog.exe+myprog.ovr" the program gets larger and then runs okay but only if the ovr file is still there. I thought the whole point of this DOS command was to avoid needing separate files. Even my TP7 books say to use that exact command to join an executable and its overlay. Any comments? Thanx.


  • I was really having problems attaching an overlay to an executable program so that the program would run without a separate overlay file. I just found out that you first have to compile the program to disk with the 1s initialization being (of course!) OvrInit'myprog.ovr'). THEN you have to compile again, using OvrInit('myprog.EXE'). Then you go to DOS and join them with "copy /b myprog.exe+myprog.ovr". After that myprog.exe will run fine without myprog.ovr being in the neighborhood. It was really irritating that my TP books didn't explain this. You also have to make sure that debugging is turned off.
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