Absolute beginner help with CSV file

So I've recently begun some computer programming classes, and after 10 weeks of classes our first assignment is to take a stock information .csv with a few years of info that looks like this:

date, open, high, low, close, volume, adjusted close
2004-09-17, 110.56, 114.23, 110.2, 112, 5361900, 111.49
2004-09-16, etc, etc

Now, we have to make monthly averages, and then figure out the best 6 month period.

I have so far gone over all the notes for lectures, googled around, printed out many sheets and I'm not getting past importing the csv, being able to print it out and making/printing lists of the individual rows of "date", "open", etc.

I'm not expecting anyone to go to the effort of solving this for me, but let me put it this way. The math isn't the problem and I'm comfortable with only the most BASIC level of python and feel this is WAY above my level as do a lot of people in the class. The problem is the class is split between advanced programmers just getting their qualification and newbies. Can anyone point to a resource/video/text that goes through what I would need to accomplish this?
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