My first Pascal program

Hi everyone. First time poster here. I just wanted to share a program I wrote in Free Pascal. In fact, it's my first ever Pascal program. I've dabbled a lot in several different languages, and I used to do a lot of stuff in QuickBASIC, too. Got hooked on that in the late '80s when I learned about structured programming. Turbo Pascal was big back then, too, but I didn't pay enough attention to it.

Anyway, this is a game called Awari. You can find instructions on how to play it online or at Wikipedia. The purpose here was not to do anything extremely fancy; in fact, the game uses the console text screen. I just wanted to do something, anything, in Pascal. I think I got the rules of the game pretty much right (I hope); the AI isn't anything too sophisticated, but it still takes effort to beat the computer.

You can find the game on my software page on my blog. Hope you like it (source included that you can open in Lazarus).




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