C and C++ Language

Hello Friends,

Here I want to ask you ,
What is the main Features of C++ that is not present in C Language ??


  • The first name was C with Classes

  • Main difference between these two c and c++ is c++ is object oriented lenguage while c is not .
    2.c++ program is more portable then c lenguage program
    3.c follows procedural programming paradigm while c++ is multi paradig.
    4.c++ supports Function overloading while c is not
    5.you can use google to find out ore difference between them

    Any thing else that i may help you??
  • the main difference between these two programming lenguage is...
    1.C++ is a object oriented lengauege while c is not
    2.C++ follows Multi-paradigm while c is a structural paradig
    3.C++ supports function overloading while c is not
    4.there are lot of more difference between these two you can check these on google search.
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