pointers on text file?

Hi everybody..

I have a question about pointers and text files..

Well the case is so, that I have write a program for shcool, where I got a long list of soccer games as txt file.
I have to use that txt. to find out on which of the matches the teams have scoret most of the goals.

Now the problem here is, I don't have a clue about, how I can use the data that is inside the txt..

This is what I have for now..
#define MAX_LEN 200

int main(void)
FILE *inp;
char name[MAX_LEN], name2[MAX_LEN];
int score;
long maal;

inp =fopen("superliga.txt", "r");

if (inp != NULL) {

fscanf(inp, "%s ", name);

printf("%s ", name);
else {
printf("Cannot find the file");

return 0;


- Is there a way to use sscanf on the file??
I want to be able to get some data from the txt file and be able to do some math and print it out again..
Any idea is appreciated


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