Help me calculate percentage

I have a homework problem where I have to calculate the winning percentage of the number of basketball games won.

I have a textbox for gamesWon, a textbox for gamesLost, a button to compute the percentage and a textbox to display the winning percentage.

This is the code that I have written so far.

Dim gamesWon As Integer
Dim gamesLost As Integer
Dim totalGames As Integer
Dim winningPercentage As Double

gamesWon = CInt(txtGamesWon.Text)
gamesLost = CInt(txtGamesLost.Text)
winningPercentage = CDbl(txtPercentage.Text)

totalGames = (gamesWon + gamesLost)

winningPercentage = (gamesWon / totalGames) * 100

I am having trouble and I am getting errors. Any help would be appreciated.
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