Frustrated Trying To Use MS-Dos To Update Bios

I have confirmed on another forum that this procedure is correct:

"7.Replace the startup floppy(Windows 98 Boot Floppy with Ramdrive) with the one containing the flash utility and bios ROM files previously extracted in windows.

8.Copy the 2 files to the RAMDRIVE by using the DOS command copy.
Here is an example, in this example the flash utility is AWFL814B.EXE ,the ROM file is w6373nms.220 and the RAMDRIVE letter assignment is D

copy awfl814b.exe d: EXAMPLE
copy w6337nms.220 d: EXAMPLE

9.Change the current working directory to the RAMDRIVE root directory, with the example case of the RAMDRIVE being drive D this is done by simply done with the command d:

10.Execute the flash utility with the ROM file as a command line argument, with this example:
awfl814b w6373nms.220 EXAMPLE

11.bios.old is an EXAMPLE of the correct way to save the old bios.

In # 8,10 and 11 EXAMPLES for the line commands: are these "four" executed one at a time at the prompt: A:> and entered?? (the start-up floppy containing the flash utility and bios ROM file is already in the floppy drive.)"

BUT any attempt to commence with #8 EXAMPLE, all I receive is the message-"Not Ready Reading Drive D".

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you
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