Python I don't even problem

I been looking over these two problems forever now and I still don't know how to solve them. Please help me, I need sleep. Thank you.

1. Write a program the accepts a sentence as input and converts each word to upper case "Pig Latin". In one version, to convert a word to Pig Latin you remove the first letter and place that letter at the end of the word. Then you append the string "ay" to the word. Here is an example:

English: I slept most of the night


Write functions and provide testing as per usual.

2.A 13 digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) consists of the groups of characters:
A prefix of 978 or 979
the group identifier
the publisher code
the item number
a single check digit

Groups b, c, and d have a minimum length of 1, but may be longer. The groups of digits are separated by hyphens. Thus,


is a valid ISBN number.

Write a Python function valid_isbn that takes a string as a parameter and returns True if the string is a valid ISBN, and False otherwise.
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