Need something custom built.

I need a DB that will store many levels of customer related data, create invoices, post payments (theory only not actually into bank account), allow orders to be placed via user based on phoned in order (creating daily order batch). It needs to integrate with FedEx to pull addressing fields (very easy), number of packages with correct weight based on item ID, then write the master tracking number back to the customer DB. The DB will also have to interface with a graphics program to output X number of prints again based on item ID from the daily order batch. The FedEx and graphics setup need to be a click to open order, confirm and print everything at once as well as causing an invoice paid or open to be printed. There are of course tons of reports I need to be able to create as well. Additionally, I'd like to interface the DB system with my CC gateway for quickly processing payments.
Finally I need to be able to access remotely via pc, android device, or that fruity brand.
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