Collection ... How to use collections of classes

I am working on making a lot of my utility apps run on linux
(trying to make the switch from windows)

well i have gotten so used to C# and .net that i wanted to find a comparable language that works on other OS's

after examining code examples it looks like java and c# are pretty similar. but I'm having trouble with a few oddities, in this case

what I am trying to accomplish is:
1) Create a class with a bunch of properties and methods ...
2) Create a collection of the above class
3) Get the value of any property or call methods from any class in the collection

1 & 2 i believe i have correct.
but 3 is where i am stumped

in C# i am used to doing 3 in this manner:

// 1) Class animal
public class animal{
public String Name;
public String Type;

public animal(String name, String type){
this.Name = name;
this.Type = type;

// 2) Create a collection of animals
Collection Animals = new Collection();

// Assign values
Animals.add(new animal("Bill", "Duck"));
Animals.add(new animal("Fred", "Dog"));
Animals.add(new animal("Jasmine", "Cat"));
Animals.add(new animal("Jannet", "Rhino"));

* problem is here *************
// 3) Use the data

String MyPetName = Animals[2].Name;
// C#: assigns the value of the 3rd element in the
// Collection of animals' Name property
// "Jasmine"

how would i do the above in java?
i cannot find a way to access the members of the objects inside the collection in java. I have searched tutorials and i couldn't find anything that made sense to me. none of the examples I found involved collections of classes.

any help would be grand :)

sorry for the long post


  • Answered my own question,

    or at least found a work around

    i just found out that
    [code]for( : ){}[/code]
    is a foreach() loop :) oh joy i was looking for this loop :D

    so by doing
    for(animal anml : Animals){
    somethingsomthing = anml.Name;

    and i just zip thru the collection that way

    hope this helps anyone else that was confused as well
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