Small team looking for programmers on FPS game

We are looking for programmers to join our small team. We are working on FPS game which is taking place in near future. We are developing inhouse engine and level editor and are in need for programmers. You will be responsible for developing various parts of engine and level editor. At this moment most attention needs:

- script and battle system (Lua) (there's some foundation for AI, like pathfinding),
- sound system (basic functions implemented, you could use it to develop whole system quite easy),
- some plugins (implementing additional 2d/3d formats),
- you will work with other programmers (so far me, but I hope more will join soon), discuss designs and specific problems, get feedback from artists, etc.,
- tweaking editor's UI,
- other tasks (depends what suits you best, of course I don't want you to do all tasks simultaneously).

For more informations send us an email at [b]flippedbox [ at ] gmail [dot] com[/b]. This project is unpaid, so far we don't have much funds and our team is still shaping, but we are decided to put commitment into it (engine was developed for several months already). Your work will be considered as volunteer/experience as long as we don't get funding.

[b]Target systems[/b]: PC/Windows
[b]Technology[/b]: C++/Lua/OpenGL/Cg (+WinAPI for editor)
[b]Gameplay type[/b]: single player (maybe at some point we'll consider multiplayer, but so far we're focusing on SP)

[b]What we use[/b]:
- own inhouse engine and level editor,
- shared dropbox account,
- private forum.

At some point you will be asked to sign NDA.

[b]Current team members:[/b]
me: project coordination, code, 2d and 3d art and other things,
4 x concept artist,
1 x 3d artist/modeller + 2 x 3d artists are being tested

Ps. We are also looking for a webmaster (nothing fancy, simple site to produce and maintain [html for starters will be enough], possibly manage our social media accounts, SEO will be a plus).

Thanks for looking,
Henry K.
(flippedbox [ at ] gmail [dot] com)

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