Mysterious Range Check Error... Help plz!!!

I dry ran these codes for hours but I couldn't find a solution to the Range Check Error.

The compiler I am using is FreePascal 2.6.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

[code]program abc;

uses math;

var x: integer;


x:= trunc(power(10, 2/log10(2)));



  • quikcarlxquikcarlx Hollywood, Fl
    It's not that mysterious if you read the definition for the [color=Green]trunc[/color] function and what it returns. I took things by step to see where the [color=Red]Range Check Error[/color] is coming from. And when I changed the definition of x to [color=Green]int64[/color], it worked! Here's what I did to find the error.
    [code]program abc;

    uses math;

    x : int64;
    lv : float;
    pv : float;
    tv : float;

    lv := 2 / log10( 2 );
    pv := power( 10, lv );
    tv := trunc( pv );
    writeln( lv:12:6,' ', pv:12:6, ' ', tv:12:6 );

    x := trunc(power(10, 2/log10(2)));
    writeln( x:12 );

  • Thank you so much!!!
    Choosing the correct data type is so hard for me~

    btw, sorry for my late reply which is due to a login problem :(
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