Looking for a programmer and writer in Los Angeles or surrounding area

Lap 1 Games is looking for dedicated individuals to participate in the creation of its game studio. I myself offer skills in business/financing, game design, and project management. Co-founder, Charles Anderson will act as Director of Art. It has always been our dream to be the next (if not better) Rockstar Games. Bringing next generation entertainment to the masses by always knowing what gamers want. By gamers, for gamers, period. The only thing our team is lacking is a skillful programmer that is absolutely crazy about games like we are, and a writer that can turn all of our crazy ideas and concepts into magic. Being that we are a startup, these offers will be at no immediate pay, but willing participants will definitely be considered as equal partners in our successful business ventures. No money will be required on your part, just your time and skills. E-mail me at lap1games@yahoo.com or PM me here. Thanks and can't wait to hear from you!
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