Programmers Needed

I need programmers that can articulate a intricate websites for a new company being started called [b]T.F.S.W.Y.D Global[/b]. I've been recruiting people so far to increase the depth of the company before we create the internal structure of the company. [b]Only inquire if you are dedicated to what you do, serious about what you do and are open-minded.[/b] If your willing to talk further, contact us at

[size=2]Thank you for your time[/size]

[size=3]-[italic]Tomorrow's Architect [/italic]

[size=3]"Never give your mind a limitation. The idea of limitation was man made. Act with only a few in mind & you shall only touch a few. Act while keeping in mind 6 Billion and you shall be remembered by the world"[/size]
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