Help plz with mscomm

Hello kevin for holland here..,

i have the following device :

the only thing i want to add in a program of mine is to see the
transponder that's ''NOW'' in the antennafield.

as de manual says :(note: used google translate)

Transponder number (T)
Command Description: Used to read a single transponder. If there are
no transponder in the field, gives the reader 'NOTAG'
as an answer. The transponder number is then 10
positions (eg AC3F00D1B4) as hexadecimal coded
ASCII character sequence indicated.
Format: CT
Example: FFCT23
reads the current transponder number 03C2208CFF.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this .
to make a sourcecode only thats reading the transponder and puts it in a label/texbox or whatever.

its driving me nuts , i dont know any thing about mscomm controll and the more i read about it the more confused ill become.

if i have this i can make the rest of it my self (when needed).

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Kevin
(sorry for my bad english)
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