Strange results from the C program

Hello, I am getting up to speed with C during the week and I have written one of my first programs and I do not understand why the return of the function. If I input X as 3, Y as 4 and N as 6 I get the return as several million. I should be getting the return of check funtion as 1 with those inputs.


int check(int x,int y,int n);

int main(void)
int x,y,n;
Value of X: ");
scanf("%d", &x);

Value of Y: ");
scanf("%d", &y);

Value of N: ");
scanf("%d", &n);

printf("check = %d", check);
if (check == 1){
printf("vx and y checked out.");
else if (check == 0){
printf("Digits failed the check");

int check(int x,int y,int n)
int i=0;
if (x>0 && x<(n-1)){
if (y>0 && y<(n-1)){
return 1;


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