Quick comprehensive PHP guide with enough Real World examples?

Hi guys and gals

I'm on my way of mastering PHP + MySQL + JavaScript

I'm now on 105 page of Robin Nixon's "Learning PHP, MySQL & Javascript". This guide is rather good however lacks of REAL world examples, it gives a lot of theory upfront that doesn't soak in well enough because I don't understand WHY do I need to do EXACTLY this way and how this particular function or piece of code would function in the REAL WORLD application.

So the learning goes rather slowly with this kind of guides - I have to re-read some parts of the text multiple times even to get a mere suggestion of what's going on in the code they give as an example.

So I would like to ask for some advice from experienced guys who has already passed this learning curve:

Is there a book or a video guide that teaches you PHP + MySQL + Javascript using a lot of REAL WORLD examples

By real world examples I mean taking those pieces of code that author provides as a reference and show how they would work in a web application ND what exactly do i need them for.

That is minimum plain theory without practical backup

Thanks a lot in advance guys!

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