need help with visual basic

I need suggestions or guidance for how to create the code for an application I'm creating. basically I have created a form where the user can either check a box to find the "capital given a state" or "find a state given a capital". I need to get the concept first so i'm only worrying about two states right now, NC and SC. I want to make it to where also the user HAS to check one of the checkboxes I have created or when they select the lookup button an error is generated. Also they cannot check both without generating an error message. ill post an image of what i have created so far. creating the form is the easy part but im thinking i need to do a nested if statement to execute the logic, any suggestions? am i on the right track? i'm brainstorming but as you can see by my code i'm new at this and having trouble coming up with the solution.
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