Coder/Programer Needed

I am searching for a coder/programer that has skills to develop and code a very intricate website. Currently I am presenting a entertainment/social network idea to investors that has received great reviews and interest. The web idea is currently not available in the marketplace. Due to legal constraints and protections anyone interested in learning about the idea must sign a Non-Disclosure agreement, at witch point the full nature of the idea can be discussed. I need an individual or group of individuals to first develop a beta version to present to investors. The initial agreement will be an interest in the company until investment capitol is secured, once secured both a company percentage and salary for services will be discussed. The current projections of company value in just one of the income streams is $3.8 million per month and I have 3 other income streams with this idea. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of a company that has the potential to be worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars, message me, I need your skills to make it happen!


  • Hi,
    Hope you are good.
    I am very much interested in working with you.
    , please send me the details on
    Let me know how to proceed.
    Thomas Johnson
    Skype: cis.thomas
    Ph: +16195734067
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