Calculation in pascal

Hey guys i have written a program calculating a bet,the program is working just fine but there is calculation regarding powers that gave me a little problem in pascal so i took the easy way out.the calculation is

Amount Won = ((bet ^2) / (bet^2 - 100 * bet)) * 25000

[b]Bet[/b] is a variable

I just multiplied the variable each time in pascal not using the power function [/b]

also how would one right this is a pseudo-code ?

any input would be appreciated !!


  • quikcarlxquikcarlx Hollywood, Fl
    : Amount Won = ((bet ^2) / (bet^2 - 100 * bet)) * 25000

    Pascal does have a square function ([color=Purple]sqr[/color]) or you can do like you have been
    doing and just multiply the bet to itself. And in Pascal with some optimization
    and minimizing the number of calculations, you could:
    bet : integer; { the bet }
    betsq : integer; { the bet squared }


    betsq := sqr( bet );
    Amount_Won := ( betsq / ( betsq - 100 * bet ) ) * 25000;[/code]
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