FTP Batch File

I'm using Windows Scheduled Tasks to run a batch file that calls a text file with all of the FTP commands. There are multiple folder changes on the FTP server and multiple shared folders to be uploaded on the source server server.
My problem is that only the first ftp folder gets the uploads. The following ftp folders don't get the upload files. I know this because I've placed seed files in the source folders.

Here is the batch file:
ftp -s: c:PortalCopiesportal2ftp.txt

And here is the portal2ftp.txt file:
open ftp2.xxxxxxxxxxx.com
prompt off

cd portals/2/customerdocumentation_sf

mput D:SpeedshareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFInstallDocs*.*
mput D:SpeedshareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFMarketingDocs*.*
mput D:SpeedshareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFReleaseDocs*.*

cd Menu_Designer_help_web
mput D:ShareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFReleaseDocsMenu_Designer_help_Web*.*

cd ..
cd newfeatures_web
mput D:ShareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFReleaseDocs

cd ..
cd SLPM_web
mput I:CustomerSiteDocumentation_SF

cd ..
cd Store_Manager_help_web
mput D:ShareCustomerSiteDocumentation_SFReleaseDocsStore_Manager_help_Web*.*
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