New team looking for programmer

We are a team of two persons with industry experience looking into the opportunity to become an independent studio.
Our work has just started, and we are currently in the process of organizing our future work and the project itself. The project is likely to be an "ambient" game, although we're at a very early stage. Ideally, you will participate and influence the design and give your opinion on different topics.
Although we aim to deliver a cross-platform game, the development will be carried on on Linux. We currently can't offer any pay, and we still both work as employees during the day, but we offer you the opportunity to share profits equally once set, as you will play an important role to the success of our team.
We are planning to work on a prototype until March 2013, and to apply for fundings as soon as possible, depending on the requirements. Please feel free to ask any question about this regard or about the team itself.

[B]Team structure[/B]
We are two professionals who just started this team.
I'm a low level coder with industry experience. I have worked on several AAA titles and I'm currently employed in a well established studio delivering multi-platform games. My objective is to write clean and reusable code. My role in the team will be to code different parts of the game and to manage the systems required for working.

My team-mate has a background as a community manager and as a QA on AAA titles. His responsibilities include managing the design and providing clear documentation about it, and at a later stage to help testing the final product. He will also take care of any website and PR we will need.

[B]Talent needed[/B]
Ideally the team will be composed of three persons. We are looking for an experienced programmer with work experience (not necessarily in games but relevant to c++ and real-time applications). Being a small team, you will be required to work on multiple tasks according to your skills and to be realistic about what can be done. You must be able to work independently and to take initiative whenever required. A strong c++ background is required, along with commitment, passion for games and a platform-independent attitude. A Maths or Physics background is a plus.

A modern computer and a reliable internet connection are needed to work. You should be able to install and manage a Linux workstation by yourself, although you can always ask for help.

You should have good communication skills and you're fluent at least in English, Italian or French. You will be asked to work mainly in a Linux environment.

Please contact me with a private message, by email (king_duckz at gmx dot com) or on xmpp (
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