Can One of you Linux / Win Experts Port This to Linux

Hello i came across this music application called Vibe Streamer and its written in C++ and its for windows 32bit systems. The Program owner said it would work on linux systems using wine but i was curious if someone here could port this to be a linux standalone program where you can designate the music (folder) username, password, groupname, file indexing and everything else possibly using a ini file or config file for linux programs sort of like how linux teamspeak is.

The program is opensource since the initial developer does not have any time anymore to work on this application.

Website of Program

The GIT for the program is

Emails i have been sending to the developer of application


I'm glad you're showing such interest in the software. But right now I don't have the time to restart the development of Vibe Streamer, since I have other projects I'm currently focusing on. I suggest you start a topic on the forum (although it's quite silent there these days), and see if there are others also interested in further developing Vibe Streamer. I can pitch in if things start moving, but right now there just isn't time to pull that kind of thing together for me.

As for porting Vibe Streamer to Mono, well it's a matter of rewriting it. It's pretty much as easy to rewrite it in .NET or Java as it probably is to port it to portable C++ code.

If I was to write Vibe Streamer today I might even have chosen a different language with less complexity. but well.. i wouldn't have learned as much then though :)

Anyhow, see if you can get any interest on the forum. I'd love to see people continue the development of Vibe Streamer.




Version Studio wrote:

Well, the tricky part isn't the client, which is just as you say mostly standard js/html.

The tricky part is that the Vibe Streamer server is written in C++, and in my own opinion a bit too complex for its own good. But I had my reasons when I started writing it :)

So well, porting the server part is quite a lot of work, and will require good C++ and portability knowledge, especially regarding the differences between Windows and Linux.



but in retrospect would it be possible as in you know how like for example teamspeak is right for linux. where just limited files, since most of the vibe streamer stuff is web stuff right as in javascript or whatever anyway you could just designate it so it pulls data from a directory using linux commands as in you know how normal config files are for linux programs ini files etc. and also as for setting the passwords and usernames and then just start the program like ./vibestreamer start as a command? possibly it could ask you a few question during start like what directory, username, password, group etc.



Version Studio wrote:

Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback and the great interest in Vibe Streamer.
I'm actually 99% a Linux user myself, and I'd love to see this ported. I don't have much time over to further developer Vibe Streamer much, and I decided to release it as open source in order to make it possible for someone else to further improve the software. A linux port is not impossible, but would require some work, especially on the server GUI application which is Win32 API only at the moment.

So I won't really be able to release a Linux version myself, but if there is interest and there are developers out there with time on their hands, I'm ready to give em all my support.

Kind regards
Erik Nilsson


Dear Vibe Streamer,


I use this on my computer when i am mostly not at home so i can access my music collection at home its a wonderful application, i was wondering if you all can make it compatible for linux distro without wine, as in like a tar or gz type of install and as for directories it would be like a command /var/www/vhost/domainname/httpdocs/musicdirectory for setting the directory for the music database. possibly a ini file or config file for the settings and setting usernames, groups, passwords and other things for "people to access" i own a couple music websites that are 100% Legal for music downloads, streaming and distro and i would love to install this to a subdomain on my site and then setup everything. However i use a Centos Linux Dedicated Server. (remote).

Possibly you could use my site as a testing platform mostly music wise where you can fetch the songs from my site if you plan to release a linux version and well people can also check out music in the player from a couple music sites. i have no problem allowing people to use my server for fetching music as well so if possibly we can set it up for network pulling data like in the program you can designate a url like http://domainname.ext/musicfolder and it will pull mp3s from that folder as well.

I would love to see this further developed i think it would do well for nightclubs, venues and other establishments who might not be able to hire djs or talent for whatever the case may be and i think it could be very marketable as well.
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