DirectX,Windos8,Visual Studio 2012 rant

Ok so here is my problem - I used to develop my DirectX11 engine in visual studio 2010(I'm on win7 by the way).So when I finally upgraded to 2012 I found out 4 things:

1.All the "new" features don't work on Windows7.For shader debugging you need Windows8(which isn't out yet).

2.XAudio2 is now ruined,as it requires me to have XAudio2_8.dll(which is from Win8 and it's nowhere to be found on Win7 or in the June 2010 DirectX SDK OR in the new Windows8 SDK).This also leads me to believe that things you develop on windows 8 once it's out won't run on Windows 7 because of such dll requirements.

3.For some reason FXC.exe automatically compiles my shader,as if I leave a .hlsl file empty it gives me a BUILD error..oh god,how can it give me an error during build time..this is insane,my shaders are loaded and compiled at run time,why this FXC.exe(which by the way I've never called for neither set in the project options)would for some reason try to compile the shaders while i'm building the project is beyond me.

4.The same problems persist when I switch back to Visual Studio 2010,I uninstalled them and Installed 2010 again and the problems still persist,VS 2012 just ruined it all for me,it's like some malware...
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