Delphi 7 Components


I have a software that was built for me and the guy who built it, told me to get Delphi 7 Enterprise and I should be able to load my software make edits and compile. I'm very new at this and jumped in head first.

He gave me the software source in three folders.


He told me I could manually configure the components folder and everything would work. There was a language wall because he was from the Ukraine and did not speak English, we had translation via the internet. I have installed both vcl & jvcls. I can open the client project file and when I try to compile or run it has a string of files missing like "Class TRxMemory not found" and several others. Where do I put the components folder so Delphi 7 will recognize all of the needed files to run and compile?

I have lost touch with this programmer and I need to be able to do this myself if i can learn.

Thank you in advance!
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