Looking for game programmers

Me and my friend are trying to find progammers to help us make a 2d game that is gonna be sold for $15 through beta then will go up when people buy copies for like $25. Were both 15 year olds and were willing to go to the end with this game. We will happily pay you a certain cut of the money we earn and would like to discuss that with you. If your interested please conatct me on Skype if u don't have Skype than email me at swalbrick@gmail.com
My Skype: walbricks
Friends Skype: xd_charlie_dx


  • Hello there, my name is Charlie (^Stevens^ friend)couldn't help but notice, you forgot all the games features *facepalm*

    Okay, so the game is still in very very early stages, we have a few ideas of which we would like to go with, they are:

    Randomly Generated Terrain (makes a new game fun)
    Randomly Generated Weapons stats and looks
    A fully customisable character
    Some sort of levelling system, with classes and perks.
    and the list goes on...

    So we really think this game has a lot of potential and could really become something. We unfortunately do not have the technical knowledge of how to code. Don't let our age put you off please.
    All we need are some programmers that are willing to help out.

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