TaylorMade R7 driver is popular still now

I replaced my loyal and trusted 580 XD driver with the [link=http://www.clonegolfsale.com/goods-4-TaylorMade-R7-CGB-Max-Driver--Golf-Clubs.html]R7 CGB MAX Driver[/link]. It is the one of the most popular golf clubs still now.

In neutral, I have a slight draw with the [link=http://www.clonegolfsale.com/goods-4-TaylorMade-R7-CGB-Max-Driver--Golf-Clubs.html]R7[/link] but I was able to adjust easily when I desired a straight shot. It takes an effortless swing to get the long straight 250-265 yard drive which I am satisfied with. I like the lighter stiff shaft and I think the shape of the head aids in a consistent set up.

The performance is pretty good too and the [link=http://www.clonegolfsale.com/goods-4-TaylorMade-R7-CGB-Max-Driver--Golf-Clubs.html]CGB MAX Driver [/link]delivers a strong if slightly high flight, so good if you have a medium to low club head speed. Whilst the design of the sole looks very futuristic, we are not sold on the triangular head shape.

The club has the capability to ensure that a slice and or a hook can be eradicated with use of the weight technology. Combine that with the colour scheme and you may not be tempted to give this a go, but we would recommend trying it out, especially if you are a mid to high handicapper.

The [link=http://www.clonegolfsale.com/goods-4-TaylorMade-R7-CGB-Max-Driver--Golf-Clubs.html]TaylorMade R7 CGB MAX Driver[/link] also includes our Fast Technology, by having an ultra-light RE*AX graphite shaft, an ultra-light grip, as well as an extra inch of overall length, which adds to more club head speed for elevated distance.

The moveable weights in the head which definitely have made a difference to my game. The ball explodes of the face. I've gained at least 40 yards and I have yet to spray it right. TaylorMade testing indicates that Movable Weight Technology in this [link=http://www.clonegolfsale.com/goods-4-TaylorMade-R7-CGB-Max-Driver--Golf-Clubs.html]TaylorMade R7 Driver [/link]promotes up to 35 yards of trajectory change from the slight fade to the large draw.

Overall, it is a great driver, sends the ball high, long and down the middle. I strongly recommend it for anyone looking to reduce a slice and that needs help getting the ball up quickly.

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