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Hi I am looking to hire that C++, Java for one of the most fascinating and mind engaging position I have had the pleasure of hiring for!

I am seeking skilled problem solvers with good design and programming skills in Java or C++ (Software Engineers) and specialists with experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI Engineers).

Understand specifications and recommend changes to facilitate efficient and effective development, including the implications of system-level decisions and determining how to mitigate or leverage these implications. Design, document, implement, debug, and test subsystems and components.
Participate in integrated test sessions of components and full systems
AI Engineers are also expected to implement algorithms, knowledge bases, complex logic, and other AI technologies and support integration into larger components and products.

BS or MS in engineering, computer science, or a related discipline or equivalent experience.
In-depth knowledge of either Java or C++ and the ability to use one or more IDEs (e.g., Eclipse)
Experience in solving challenging technical problems and the ability to support multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently
Ability to travel to support technical presentations, testing, and integration.
Ability to qualify for and hold security clearances when required
For AI Engineers, knowledge of AI technologies such as expert systems, cognitive architectures, agent-based systems, search algorithms, planning, machine learning, machine vision, or speech recognition

Demonstrated experience in design and debugging of asynchronous (e.g. multi-threaded) systems
Knowledge of mobile development platforms (e.g., Android, iPhone, etc.)?Experience in one or more of the following: robotic software, game development/programming,human behavior modeling, multi-agent systems, social simulation, intelligent user interfaces, complex
adaptive systems, decision support systems, simulation, data fusion.

Interested candidates must be a US citizen and able to qualify for a security clearance.
Contact me at yrgriffin@aol.com
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