Int 9h hooking issue

Hi all,

I'm trying to hook Int9h interrupt service to intercept Pause key(Scan code 0xE1 0x1D 0x45 0xE1 0x9D 0xC5).

What I'm stucked at, is this:

Should I check for whole sequence of Pause key scancode(0xE1 0x1D 0x45 0xE1 0x9D 0xC5), or just for first two bytes(0xE1 0x1D)?
Scan code set#1 is used.

In the both cases, how would I push back( and where?) all the read scan code bytes, that are read by my int 9h handler, in case it is not the pause key?

Well, I noticed that the scan code for pause key is not being placed in the keyboard ring buffer, by bios int9h handler.

I know that in scan codes set#1, only pause key has 0xE1 in its scan code sequence, but I'm trying to be safe in case some vendor specific scan code is defined having 0xE1 too, for some special key on some keyboard.

Any help will be appreciated.

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