need help asap

ok so i have this code that im trying to understand and alter for later. Im stuck on a certain section of the code and was wondering if anyone could possibly explain what its doing. i am VERY new to programming and especially C, so the simpler the explanation the better.

[code]def BFI_Calculation(float inp_TS, float inp_FS, float inp_n1, float inp_n2)

//inp_TS = 73.2;
//inp_FS = 118;
//inp_n1 = 2;
//inp_n2 = 1;

model_id = 0;

ngroup_name = "n_bfi_NSET";
ngroup_name = ToUpper(ngroup_name);
egroup_name = "el_bfi_ELSET";
egroup_name = ToUpper(egroup_name);

//filename = "/home/example_str_1.odb";/arthur/

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