Card game card effects language - Pros and cons

I'm thinking about creating a card game complete with scripted effects.

I've been going over the pros and cons of each possible language, but I would really like the other programmers out there to tell me what you see as pros and cons for this task.

I'm planning to use C++ as the core language and possibly Python for prototyping.

The languages I'm currently pondering are:
Compiled as so's/dll's:
* C++
* Objective-C

* Python (using TinyPy)
* Lua
* Javascript (Probably using Mozilla's engine)

The key thing is that I plan to have each of the cards being able to respond to events (eg. onTap, onActivate, onBlock, onDestroy, etc.) if they have an effect in this circumstance. Of course, the exact implementation of this depends on the language used, so probably sigc++ for C++, protocols for Obj-C, etc.

I'm also open to any other language options that anyone may think of. I thought about writing my own language, but there is a lot of effort involved and there are plenty on useful languages already in existence anyway.

So feel free to post any pros and cons you can think of to help me decide how to proceed.


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