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The University Apartments provides apartment rental to university students at affordable rates, with optional facilities:

Apartment Type A, 2 bedrooms and equiped with kitchen and laundry facilities. The monthly rental for the rooms in this apartment type is RM300.
Apartment Type B, 3 bedrooms includes one master bedroom with attached bathroom but does not have kitchen and laundry facilities. The monthly rental for the rooms in this apartment type is RM200 and students staying in the master bedroom will be paying an additional 40%.

Each apartment may house a maximum of 3 students. Students are required to check out from the apartment unit when the current semester ends.

Create an application to manage the university apartments rental:

1. Register new student and assign apartment module
Register and assigns an apartment to the student for 140 days from the date of registration. The module should retrieve the date automatically from the system clock and calculates the expiry date for the apartment rental. Before an apartment is assigned, the system should allow the selection of the type of apartment (i.e. Type A or B), then check for the number of occupants in the apartment. If the apartment already housed 3 students, it should recommend another apartment unit that is still available. Upon registration, student should pay a RM100 for the utility charges, rental deposit for one month and the rental for the current month.

2. Update apartment status module
When a student moves out from an apartment, the apartment status is updated.

3. Reporting module
Generates a report of apartments with full occupancy and another report for apartments where rooms are still available.

4. Search module
Enable the administrator to search for a student's apartment unit using the student id as the search key. The search result should produce the student
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