just Another newbie asking advice to learn asm

hi guys ,
first of all i am a new-bie to these hardware,asm and all.
And i am really interested in learning Application exploitation's like buffer overflows,stack overflows etc and how they are working and as a security expert how can i write a patch or fix the problem and all,
but when ever i try to understand it is looking like a night mare to me.
There are parts of c program,asm,and some theoretical explanation about the os,stacks,buffers,variables,process,memory,hardware interrupts and many other things,
i am really confused in understanding these sort of things,

and i am ug graduate i know the basic syntax of c programming language,basics of networking,and i had studied some basics of operating system (theoretically) in my ug.

I need advice from the members here about

what are all the basic things i need to learn to accomplish my goal ?

if possible in which order ?

if possible link me to some resources and materials ?


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