I need a script (I'm a designer in need)

Hey guys, so I'm no scripter at all so I really need your guys help. I need a script for the Unity 3d engine in Javascript. I'm making a part where I need a spinning combination lock with 3 correct numbers. Starting clockwise you will turn it till you hear a triggered click, next turn it counter clockwise till you hear the next one, and one last turn clockwise till the final correct number is hit. It needs to restart if you pass a number by a certain margin. Also, it would be amazing if the 3 variable numbers could be randomized inside the script because I wouldn't have to change each one every time. I already have the object rotating on a drag. So basically it needs to turn one way, hit a certain point, trigger an animation/sound, go the other way, trigger another animation/sound, and go one last time the other way, where it will trigger an animation and a sound, but restart if any one number is passed by too much. This would be so appreciated if you could help me out by making this.
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