Need a helping hand on a report management system

First of,
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I am a 4th year BSIT graduating student and currently OJT (On-The-Job Training). (not sure if this will be of any use though)

We chose to create a system for a company who gave us a system to make.

This system that they want is to be done using MySQL as their database. The programming language, we are still choosing between VB.Net, PHP and Java. Also, the system should be able to do it's task offline, and should be ready for online implementation

Now, this system, is a 3-level system (main office, field office, sub-office).

-- the sub-office, will be creating a report and,
a.) if offline, generate a report and save it in a certain file format which will be email to the field office,
b.) if online, generate a report and then send it to the field office.

-- the field office, after receiving the report from the sub-offices (there are several sub-offices in every field office), will then collect and collate all the data from the sub-offices.
a.) if offline, the program should be able to import the report from the sub-office to be saved in the database
b.) if online, receive the report then save it to the database

after receiving and collecting, it will then create a new report based on the data collected, then send it to the main office, which will then save it to their database, and collate all the data from the field offices.
And just like the field office, the main office should be able to do both a and b in the field office. An addition, the company also wants to be able to view the report coming from the sub-offices.

Our problem now is,
- In what file format do we save the report, so that only the data written in that report will be extracted and saved to the database?

- Is their a way to implement or run a PHP web application in offline mode (or something like that)? Since they want the system to written in PHP. However, I did tell them that without a webserver, they won't be able to run the website and run the report. I suggested that we use either JAVA or VB.Net, but still they insisted. Which is why I asked this question.

* If there are problems, or if my post or question isn't clear enough, please do tell. I will try my best to clear it as much as I can.

* We are asked to finish this in one month. And all the advice, links, reference will really help a lot.

- Thank you in advance.


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