storing a file data in an array

my program discription is below i need to know how to store the rank, names in ana array either single array or 2d array .. anyone has an idea how to do it ?

please i need the help asap !! thank u

The text files USPopularNames2010.txt, contains a list of the 1,000 most popular boy and girl names in the United States for the year 2010 as compiled by the Social Security Administration.

These are blank-delimited files where the most popular boys and girls name is listed first, the second most popular boys and girls name is listed second, and so on, to the 1,000th most popular boys and girls name, which is listed last. Here is an example of one line: of the input file

30 Liam Sarah

This indicates that the 30th popular name for boys is Liam and for girls is Sarah
Note the first line of the file contains a description of the data, so you really want to skip reading the first line of the input file.

What you need to do:
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