record of employees

First of all, sorry for my english.
I need help to make a program to the university. Does anybody now how to do

it in pascal?

Make a program to store records of employees in a binary file named

employees.dat. The program should use linked list sorts which reads the file

at the beginning and fill the list, and at the end save the list in the file

employees.dat. The field "data" of the linked list sort must be a record

with the following structure:

Registration: integer;
Name: string;
Salary: real;

The program must have the following menu:
1 - Include an employee
2 - Calculate increase of salary
3 - List employees
9 - Exit

The first item is the inclusion of employees using linked list sorts. The

second item is for, if authorized, increase the employees salary in 5% and

update the new value. The item 3 should list the employees with their

registration, name and salary. The item 9 is used to exit the program.
To make the programe, you should use functions or procedures, according to

the need of the program.

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